Nexus Experiment

A Powerful Corporation Called AFC (Agency for control) secretly supported by the Government, wanted to enslave all world population by using alien technology discovered in the 1950s in a secret alien facility.
It took 60 years, based on this discovery to develop a super Self learning AI, which created, under their control, War Robots, fighting drones, and some of the most powerful war machines mankind have ever known.
Their next step was to secretly implant microchips in the population without their prior consent, so they were able to remotely control all their lives, their thoughts and their emotions, creating the first perfect unaware slave; For decades the population lived their life unknown to be lab rats constantly monitored.
But their hunger for more power and control pushed them furthermore, they started to create Cyborgs: men and machines hybrids, cold emotionless beings with human-like intelligence, the perfect expendable slave army; Millions of them were mass produced, all controlled by the AI.
Without care about consequences, secretly supported by their government, they mass cloned those soldiers, constantly suppressing their emotion and thoughts by chemical nanotechnology injected in their bloodstream and their brains controlled by the Ai remotely. A new species borne, trapped in a nanotech suit: either a man or a machine.